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    "Allowable expenses to be deducted when determining enterprise taxable income" are the concerns of most currently business owners. Hao & Associate Law Office would like to provide some knowledge in this field as follows: * Legal grounds - Law on Enterprise Income Tax 2008 - Law on amending and supplementing the Law on Enterprise Income…

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    Conciliation is one of the ways of resolving civil and commercial disputes. However, the current conciliation is usually done by the parties of dispute. If dispute is resolved at the Court, the reconciliation will become a procedure in the process of solving the case. In fact, the procedure of conciliation at the Court is often…

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    Inheritance involving foreign elements 1. Cases of inheritance involving foreign elements: - The estate leavers are foreign or overseas Vietnamese; - The heirs are foreign or overseas Vietnamese; - Heritage in oversea. 2. Procedure of inheritance involving foreign elements under provisions of the law: under Article 767 Civil Law 2005 on inheritance at law involving…

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    Xác định tài sản chung, chia tài sản chung khi hôn nhân đang tồn tại và xác định tài sản riêng của vợ chồng là những vấn đề còn có những vướng mắc trong áp dụng pháp luật. Báo Công lý xin giới thiệu một số bài viết về các vấn đề này. Vấn đề…

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