• Land use rights and ownership housing is the major asset for individuals as well as organizations. Laws of the Land of Vietnam has a lot of unique and complex. Lawyer Vu Nhu Hao Master thesis in law in the land should have in-depth knowledge in this field. Along with practical experience, Law Office Vu Nhu Hao & Associates is committed to providing its clients with legal services relating to land a perfect and convenient, saving the maximum time, effort and money:


    Legal counseling related to purchase, conversion, lease, donation, inheritance home ownership, land use rights.

    - Consulting, represent a new application for the issuance, certificate of change of land use and ownership housing, split window.

    - Advice on the conditions and procedure for conversion of land use purposes.

    - Legal Advice on the real estate business.

    - Customer support complete legal procedures related to home ownership, land use rights (red book).

    - Completing the legal procedures for the certification needs of organizations and individuals.

    - Consulting, represent and protect the rights and legitimate interests in the disputed related to land use, such as encroachment, demanding land use rights, to cancel the contract of sale is unlawful.

    - Representatives to conduct the inspection planning, legal land records.

    - Consulting owned mortgage State under Decree 61 of the Government.

    We are committed to providing our customers a full service legal, professional, fast, effective, meet the requirements of customers.

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