Intellectual Property Registration

  • Ownership of intellectual property is of great value of the individual / organization. For some businesses the value of intellectual property rights was many times larger than tangible assets such as Coca Cola, Adidas, Microsoft, Google, facbook ... Therefore, the protection of intellectual property rights Property is needed to help the people/organizations to keep and develop the brand and goodwill of others. As a professional organization, the Office of Lawyer Vu Nhu Hao and Associates will help customers protect intellectual property rights infringement before the situation of intellectual property rights is increasing.


    Intellectual property rights are the highest value of every individual/organization. With some worth businesses, the value of intellectual rights multiplies tangible assets such as Coca Cola, Adidas, Microsoft, Google, Facebook… Therefore, the protection of intellectual property is necessary to guard and develop trademark as well as other commercial advantages. Being a professional organization, Vu Nhu Hao & Associates Lawyer Office will help you protect the intellectual property rights from the infrigement which is more and more popular. I.SERVICE CONTENT
    1. Consulting about procedures and conditions of registering for mark, copyright, industrial design;
    2. Representing client to implement procedures at the competent state agency;
    3. Drafting registration application;
    4. Applying and following progress in registration at the competent state agency;
    5. Representing client to confirm and response the competent state agency about all mentioned works.
    6. Discussing and providing information for client about registration’s progress.
    7. Investigating, staving off and asking the competent state agency to handle the violations of industrial property and copyright.
    8. Supporting client on negotiation; preparing and registering industrial property assignment contracts, copyright license contracts;
    9. Consulting about dispute settlement;
    1. Marks
    2. Access mark
    Ordinal Content Time Fee
    1 Access native mark 1-2 work day 500.000VND
    2 Access foreign mark 3-5 work day 1.000.000 VND
    Note: That fee is applied for access 1 mark/once
    1. Mark registration
    1 Payment of filing fee (mark for group of 6 products/services) 1 1.980.000 500 USD
    2 Payment of filing fee (mark for group of more 7 products/services) ** 500.000 x ** 15 USD x **
    3 Payment of filing fee (mark for second group of products/services) *** 1.500.000 x *** 200 USD x ***
    Note: Fee are inclusive of statutory fee, exclusive of granting protection titles fee and VAT 10%.
    1. Method of payment: Pay 100% immediately when contract is signed.
    2. Complete period
    Time to grante protection title is about 12-15 months from the filing date. However, it could be lasted 1-2 months as amount of registration is always overloaded.
    1. Copyright registration
    (VND) (USD)
    I Copyright registration
    1 expressed in written languages; b.lectures, addresses and others sermons; works; d.musical works; e.photographic works 2.000.000 200
    2 a.architectural works; b.Sketches, plans, maps and drawings related to topography or scientific works; 2.200.000 220
    3 a.plastic-art works; of applied art; 2.300.000 230
    4. a.cinematographic works; b.dramatic works; 2.500.000 250
    5 Computer programs and compilations of data 2.800.000 280
    Note: Fees are inclusive of service fee, statutory fee, exclusive of VAT 10%. Method of payment: pay 100% immediately when the contract is signed. Time to complete copyright registration: about 15-20 work day as from the filing date. If you want to do in shorter time, we shall carry out and charge.
    1. Industrial design.
    2. Access the probability of protection
    Ordinal Content Time Fee
    1 Access/ assess the probability of protection 2-3 work days 1.500.000 VND
    1. Industrial design registration
    Ordinal Content Amount Fee