• Sometimes marriages unexpectedly result in unhappiness, and in these cases, a divorce may be the best solution to liberate individuals from unhappy and loveless marriages. Divorces present complex problems because of the emotional turmoil and issues that result from the end of the marriage. This affects not only husband and wife, but is further complicated by the impact on children as well as property.

    Ly hon
    Attorney Vu Nhu Hao and his associates understand that life can take unexpected turns. We have extensive experience in handling divorce cases, and will work with you to process the divorce efficiently. We are committed to consulting and supporting you in this difficult time and to protecting the maximum benefits for you through the following services:
    – Advice on divorce: divorce base, records, and court proceedings
    – Consultations to resolve issues with property after divorce:
     Identify common and separate property of husband and wife
     Identify the common debt and private debt of husband and wife
     Division of property between husband and wife
    – Advice on resolving issues related to child custody and alimony:
     Determine the conditions of child custody
     Identify and request support for children after divorce
     The right to visitation, custody of the child by the parent not directly taking care of the child
    – Legal protection for the rights and interests of clients in the case of a dispute over property or children due to a divorce