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    In developed countries, it is common to use private lawyers to protect individual rights and interests, and to avoid legal risks in both the civil and business realm. In contrast, this is a new concept in Vietnam. However, with the rapid development of the economy, there are now increasingly complex legal relationships so the use of private lawyers in Vietnam is an indispensable trend. We highly recommend individuals, families, and business enterprises to engage in private lawyer services to be advised on how to best protect legal rights, avoid legal risks, and take advantage of the burgeoning economic opportunities in Vietnam. This is a relatively new legal service in Vietnam. By engaging our private lawyer services, you will have a strong sense of confidence and security throughout the crucial process of contract negotiation and throughout the many aspects of your daily life that can be better protected by preventing legal risks. By using this service package, you will be regularly advised by an attorney with reasonable and affordable attorney fees. Vu Nhu Hao & Associates Lawyer Office is a pioneer of providing Private Lawyer for Business service in Khanh Hoa. This service will give you a lot of benefits following:

    1• WORKS RELATED TO COMMERCIAL/ CIVIL CONTRACT - Consulting about Vietnam’s regulations on contract; giving legal solutions as well as practices when you negotiate agreement with your partners. - Participating in meeting, negotiation with your Vietnamese and foreign partners to support your company. - Researching related documents; collecting information on the contract’s parties in concrete situation on request; giving effect solutions for drafting and signing agreement. - Substantively examining draft contract to prevent you from the risks of contract such as disputes, agreement invalidated by illegal… - Drafting contract on the basis of your request, the rule of law and balanced benefit of each party.

    2• WORKS RELATED HUMAN RESOURCES - Consulting about organization of company (equities, management, function, power) - Consulting about problems related shareholders, co-operated investment partners and other problems on your request. - Consulting and implementing works related annual report, proclaiming information and other obligations to state agencies. - Consulting and organizing Annual General Meeting or - Drafting Minutes of General Meeting/Board of Management Meeting, Statement of General Meeting… - Applying for business license, editing business license.

    3• WORKS RELATED LABOUR - Consulting about management (personnel management, job description, structure, salary, bonus, labor discipline, labor regulations, dialogue, collective bargain…) - Representing you to explain policies of company and the rule of law. - Representing you to settle labor disputes.

    4• WORKS RELATED ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES - Examining the legality of dossiers drafted by company or supporting you to draft it. - Supporting you to amend, supplement and draft documents as well as legal dossiers. - Being a wholesale organization to implement your deal in Nha Trang.

    5• OTHER LEGAL SERVICES - Providing legal documents on your request. - Summarizing and providing latest documents through mail, fax (every week). - Consulting and answering your questions about legal problems related business activity. - Providing latest news related or affected your business activity. - Consulting and implementing legal procedures for leaders.

    Moreover, having a private lawyer giving you an advantage:

    - Being self-assured and steady when you negotiate, sign any contract; Enhancing your social status. - We commit to control all of your company’s legal problems. We make a legal framework for your company, prevent you from legal risks. - You don’t have to wonder it’s illegal or legal. You could concentrate on business ideas, taking opportunities to develop.

    For more information about services, please contact:

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