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    Marriage between Vietnamese citizens and foreigners will be a complicated and difficult procedure if you don’t have certain legal knowledge. Therefore, when you are preparing to get married with a foreign, you need to research the rule  or get a support of lawyer. Vu Nhu Hao & Associates Lawyer Office has consulted and completed marriage registration for hundreds of couples.

    The process of making marriage registration with foreign at our lawer office:

    1. Getting information and request from client.
    2. Guiding client to prepare files.
    3. Representing client at state agencies, overseas representative missions.
    4. Consulting client about interview skill.
    5. Client receives certificate of marriage.

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    If you want to do yourself, these are our guidance:

    1. Legal basis:
    • Law on marriage and family 2014
    • Decree No. 126/2014/ND-CP detailing a number of articles and measures for implementation of the law on marriage and family
    1. Competence in marriage registration:

    People’s committee of province, where Vietnamese citizen registered permanent address, registers marriage between Vietnamese and foreign , between Vietnamese citizen and overseas Vietnamese; If Vietnamese citizen hasn’t registered permanent address but registered residential address, People’s Committee of province, where Vietnamese citizen registered residential address, implement registration of marriage.

    Diplomatic mission implements registration of marriage between Vietnamese citizen and foreigner (if it is not unlaw in host nation), between overseas Vietnamese if they request.

    1. File of marriage registration:
    2. Declaration of marriage registration of each person
    3. Confirmation of marital status or declaration of marriage registration confirmed marital status not over 6 months till the filing date (Vietnamese citizen); Proof of marital status granted by compete agency or confirmation of vow that foreign is single which is consistent with the rule of law in that nation (foreigner)
    4. Confirmation of compete medical organization (not over 6 months till the filling date), that the person has not any mental illness or other disease without cognition and control his behaviors.
    5. Vietnamese citizen who has divorced at compete foreign agency and foreign who has divorced with Vietnamese citizen at compete foreign agency have to submit comfirmation that the divorce was solved overseas follow the rule of Vietnam’s law.
    6. Copy of family register or copy of resident register (Vietnamese citizen lives in Vietnam); Pernament register or Resident register or Confirmation of resident (foreigners married in Vietnam)

    Arcording the concrete situations, you have to submit other dossiers:

    1. Vietnamese citizen serving in the armed forces or working directly related state secrets has to submit confirmation that marryng with foreign does not affect state secrets or the rule of sector granted by compete agency.
    2. Vietnamese citizen having foreign nationality has to submit the proof of marital status granted by compete agency of that nation.
    3. Foreigner who not have permanent address in Vietnam has to submit the confirmation that having enough conditions for getting married granted by compete agency of that nation.
    4. Procedure of submitting, getting dossier:
    5. Marriage registration dossier is submitted directly at Justice Department or Diplomatic mission by one in two married part.
    6. Officer receiving the dossier has to check it, write the confirmation of receiving dossier with the date of interview and the date of giving result if it is full and invalid. If it is not full or invalid, officer guides them to complete.


    1. Implementing procedure of work permit application for foreigners working in Vietnam.
    2. Extending visa and granting visa application
    3. Pernament register, resident register
    4. Adoption
    5. Other legal pronlems related foreigners in Vietnam.


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