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    Dispute over inheritance is a high proportion of disputes in civil cases, make conflicting feelings and divided families. One of the causes of these disputes is because most people do not care much about the interests of the testator. With experience we recommend that people should make inheritance, division of estates through making testament as soon as possible. Making testament is a civilized character in a modern society to limit the risk of dividing the estate, limit the litigation and legal problems that heir is encountered in division of inheritance. We are committed to fully consulting on inheritance, wills, such as:
    • Consultation the regulation of the lawof inheritanceasheir; inheritance; Time and placeof the inheritance; Themanagementof the inheritance; heir's obligationwhen thetestatornotfulfilledobligationswith third parties;
    • Advice oninheritanceby will, making the testament: Consulting types of testament andhow to make a testament legally, content of testament.Adviceappointedheir, who was sent offheritage; the waytoassigned heritage to eachheir;amend, supplement, replacement or cancellationConsultationproceduresdeposite wills;
    • Consultation inheritance at law: Advice on thecasewhenthe testament does notmake a will; Determination ofheirsat law; Consultation of inheritancereplacement(if any);advice oninheritancerelationshipbetweenadopted childrenand adoptive father, adoptive mother and fatherand mother, the inheritancerelationshipbetween thestepchildandstepfather, stepmother; advice in case, husbandsharedthe common property, isfor divorce,was married tosomeone else...
    • Consulting, representing to divide the inheritance.

    Consulting, representing the settlement of disputes related to inheritance. Individuals and families have demand to use the service, please contact us for consulting lawyers, representatives conducting the procedure.

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